Bigtwin is the alias name of Jim Suhre, a New York based artist working in both traditional and electronic mediums. He was born in 1965 in Indiana and grew up on a grain and livestock farm. In 1988, he received a degree from Stanford University in Economics, and promptly moved to New York and began work as an artist.

Bigtwin's work seeks to explore the union (and dis-union) of several seemingly opposite and inverse concepts. Namely,
digital and analog
spiritual mysticism and scientific logic
humans and machines
and many more too abstract to list concisely.

TechnoRomantic mixed-media paintings combine 3-Dimensional models created on the computer, with impressionist imagery painted with water-based goauche.

Analog Circuitry drawings explore unifying ancient/future, animal/machine, symmetry/uniqueness, and digital/analog.

He also works in video, with his associates Illage Vidiot, The Dukes of Biohazard, Dittymeister, and Mastermind, combining computer animation with filmed material, and scored with original music.

To pay rent, he does commercial art as well.