technoRomanticsm is an optimistic view about technology, despite all of the seemingly negative effects that come with it. To hold this view, one might be described as a romantic, a believer in human spirit, slightly or perhaps greatly "nigh-eve".

technoRomanticsm travels on a fine line between digital and analog, investigating the spirit that still comes through in technology. A good example is that of recorded music. Everyone has been emotionally or spiritually moved at some point in their life hearing recorded music. Who or what are we hearing at that moment? I think certainly that i am experiencing some amount of the spirit of the artist, but different than a live performance. In addition, if the recorded music is on a CD (digital), it has been numerically encoded and exists only in discreet instances of sound that the brain "smooths over" and hears as continuous. For some, this fact of digital recording almost certainly removes any spirit involved in this process.

But to discount spirit from the equation simply because of the machine medium is short sighted, and probably results from beliefs in the uniqueness of the human experience. Research is now revealing that our brains (or our hearing mechanisms) comprehend only discreet units of sound, just like the CD's.

Human spirit survives and can thrive in the translation art into the medium, the medium to the re-medium, and then back into presentation, where the listener or viewer receives a translation yet again. Our bodies have always worked this way, we just didn't understand until we had technology to see it.