While I respect the importance of light,
it seems to me that life thrives in the place
where the light breaks into the dark--and the more
interesting that threshhold is, the better for life.
Just fly your spaceship either into the sun,
or far out into the darkness and see how deadly
both extremes are.

In video feedback, if your loop points too directly
at your source, the screen whites out; too far
away from the source and the screen goes black.
The interesting, beautiful, lively images come
from playing with the threshholds in between
light and dark.

I would go as far to say that everything we ever
comprehend is a threshhold between light and dark.
All we can see are partialities of the two. Absolute
white is just as blinding as absolute black.

The divine is not the light. For that matter, it is also
not the dark. It is the whole system together, and the
ability to comprehend, and see the beauty,and exist
on the many threshholds between the two.
We are fortunate to inhabit a planet with such
a smorgasboard of threshholds.